Sound Money Crew is a group of high-quality producers, artists, and musicians that are creating unique music NFTs to engage with the world, create a new model for distribution as well as build greater value for collectors through scarcity.Sound Money Crew creates drops called “Stemualizers” which are computer-generated visualizers that have been customized to sync up to original music created by each producer.

Stemualizers will be a bi-annual release in the form of “Seasons”. The first season of Stemualizers will release on June 3, 2022.The next season will release on December 3, 2023.The unique factor in all of this is the burning mechanism. Each season of Stemualizers will have a limited number of music NFTs that are available. The Stemualizers will be available for purchase but if the collector chooses to burn the NFT, the instrumental will unlock and the collector can use it commercially, in perpetuity.

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Season I of Stemualizers (Summer 2022)

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